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Emily's Oysters wave

sustainable food, in all aspects of the word.

why you should feel GREAT about supporting emily's oysters:

Emily's Oysters wave
Emily's Oysters are grown in an environmentally sustainable manner. Support Emilys Oysters, get Maine oysters delivered to your door!
Maine oysters are good for the Maine coast because they are filter feeders. They are costantly filtering seawater, and in the process removing negative things such as nitrogen.
Support Maine women in business by buying Emily's Oysters.

environmental sustainability.

farmed oysters are gentle on our marine environment, and in many cases, good for it​. they require no added food, chemicals, fertilizers, antibiotics or freshwater. as filter feeders, oysters contribute to the health of our sea waters by absorbing excess elements out of the water, such as nitrogen, which we humans are responsible for introducing. by growing more of our seafood and harvesting less from the wild, we actively protect and in some cases help to restore wild animal shellfish populations and habitat. this business was born out of a love for the coast of maine, and a desire to protect and maintain it as best i can.

community sustainability.

when you buy from emily's oysters, you connect more directly with the food of your place here in maine. your money goes to support a local woman and her business, and when you share my story and oysters with others, you help increase the visibility of women in aquaculture. in return, you get a personal relationship with the farmer who grew your food, as well as the assurance that it's the freshest and most local option also directly invest in the future of our local food systems, and help to assure the survival of our iconic and essential working waterfront traditions for the next generation. finally, you're doing a service to your own health when you choose fresh local oysters: low in calories, high in lean protein, and packing a big punch of vitamin d, copper, zinc, selenium, iron, and vitamins a, c, e and b-12, oysters are a superfood in the truest sense!

Emily's Oysters wave

see what's up on the farm: 

Emily's Oysters wave
Emily's Oysters wave
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