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Community supported aquaculture


what is community supported food?

community supported (agriculture) is an age-old system that creates a direct connection between food producers and consumers within a place. by investing in a farmer and their product through purchase of a farm share, you not only gain a relationship with and an immediate connection to the source of your food, but you are also directly working to give back to your part of our shared planet, all while giving the farmer a little financial boost by paying ahead of time for your food. emily's oysters' farm share offerings aim to continue this simple and intentional means of keeping food local and fresh! 


how the oyster CSA works:

Maine Oyster Farm Shares available fom Emily's Oysters

sign up for a CSA at any time of the year! spring is the most helpful time to receive your sign up on my end.

Contact Emily to Order Oysters

make a plan to pick up: oysters are available year round, and can be picked up whenever you want, in whatever quantity from your share that you wish! i leave it totally up to you.

Emily's Oysters will deliver same day harvested oysters directly to your doorstep!

pick your oysters up at any of emily's year-round farmer's market locations, or from her home in bath (see market schedule here)

shuck, slurp and smile :)

store oysters in the refrigerator for up to 7 days, or eat immediately!

Oysters last up to two weeks in the refrigerator! Emilys Osyters will help guide you in how to handle, store and shuck your oysters
Special Events are Oyster Events with fresh local Maine Oysters from Emily's Oysters
Emily's Oysters will teach you how to shuck your oysters, and even supply you with your very own knife!


never shucked an oyster before? not sure how to handle them? don't worry. CSAs can include all the tools you need to become a home shucking pro if you so choose, including a knife, gloves, and instructional resources for how to safely shuck and store your oysters properly. with a little practice and patience, you'll be a pro before you know it! click the button below for a video tutorial in shucking to see how easy it is :)

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