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time: 1045

air temp: 70 F

water temp: 56 F

tide: low -.5'

conditions: SUNNY

number of bags: 53

notes: Finally working on the farm in a t-shirt! Thank goodness, I though this spring might be trying to kill me. I continued my oyster shaking process today, getting another third of my inventory processed and back in the water. I also wandered around in the low water around my farm site, exploring what the larger area is like as I start to think about farm expansion into a real standard lease from the state. I like the nice firm mud that is located under my current site, but it doesn't seem to exist everywhere in the area. There are definitely some soupier areas, which I don't like quite as much. Soupy mud not only attempts to suck you and your waders down into it's depths, but it also doesn't make for great bottom substrate when it comes to sinking oysters for the winter, as they tend to suffocate if they get too muddied over.

Look at the cup on this little guy! Overachiever. Can't wait to see what this wee oyster grows up to be.

In my wading travels I also relocated and pulled out two helix anchors that I had not been using since expanding into the four LPAs. They will come home to get tricked out with new mooring pennants and buoys and probably will find themselves back in the water after not too long.

Still under red tide closure... bumming me out. I'm so ready to roll out my farm share deliveries, but the universe seems to think otherwise.

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