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Updated: Jul 2, 2019

time: 1030

air temp: 75 F

water temp: 62.85 F

tide: high, falling

conditions: sunny, gusty, thunderstorms approaching

number of bags: 53

notes: Finally the water temperature has made some big leaps and bounds towards warming, and growth spurts put on lately by the young oysters especially are remarkable. I forgot to take a close-up photograph for perspective, but will post one next time. I love growing something that visibly increases in size practically every time I go out, its so exciting.

storm clouds over Emilys oysters fresh maine oysters
Stormy skies over happy oysters.

Things are pretty well squared away on the farm in terms of gear set up and stocking density of bags for the time being. As my seed starts to grow faster and faster I'll keep and eye on how much volume they take up in their bags, and will start to spread them out into more bags to make sure they have enough room and water flow to maximize their growth potential. I suppose I should probably start to think about buying supplies to build out the next round of bags for this coming phase of my farm expansion, so that I can be ready to roll when the time comes. The red tide closure is still holding on in my area of Casco Bay, however, which has been frustrating. I haven't been able to harvest and sell any of my own oysters lately, and it's tough to invest in large amounts of gear without the income to support it, especially this first year.

fresh premium maine oysters from emily's oysters
Happy growing baby oysters put out on the farm last year. The biggest ones are approaching 2 inches already! They have a ways to go before they will be ready for shucking and slurping.

Because of the red tide, and the farm being pretty well situated right now, I've been spending a little more time on the behind-the-scenes business stuff, like designing marketing materials and figuring out what my pricing options might be for shucking and raw bar services for weddings and events, etc., which is something I'm really excited about going after. I've already had some inquiries about doing events, so it's time to get set for that next step! Lots to do.

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