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Updated: Jun 14, 2019

time: 0630

air temp: 55 F

water temp: 55 F

tide: low -.9'

conditions: overcast, calm

number of bags: 46

notes: Lots doin' on the farm today. The low tides so far this year have been inconveniently timed, and I've been trying to get out on a good drainer like this one for what feels like months now. I've been experimenting with growing some oysters in cages on the bottom to see if it's a viable means for grow out on this site, and I've been dying to check on the ones I left on the bottom after shifting everything around at the beginning of the spring. The results - probably way too many little fouling organisms to contend with to make it a practical plan. Everything came covered in barnacles and algae and some sort of sponge creature. Not to mention the predators... giant starfish and green crabs and carnivorous snails galore. Jeeze. I guess I will consider that a good fair warning that I should probably stick to surface culture, which is fine with me. I'm quite happy with the oyster that I get from floating bag grow out. The mucky oysters I rescued from said bottom cages will sit in my boat for a few days to try to kill off the many other creatures that have made the outsides of their shells home since they've been on the bottom.

soft shell clam
Found this little soft shell clam spat happily growing along in a bag with my oyster seed. It's a little over a half inch long. I marked the bag and am curious to watch and see how it does in there.

At 10 I went in to the town landing and changed into clean clothes and picked up the wonderful Jenny from Wylde Photography, to do a little professional photoshoot out on the farm. I hate having my picture taken, and my resulting avoidance of cameras has made designing this website a challenge. I can't wait to see what she got shots of today, and can't wait to trick this thing out with some more attractive pictures!

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