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Updated: Dec 8, 2021

time: 6:15 am

air temp: 74 F

water temp: 67 F

tide: high

conditions: northeast wind, cloudy and threatening t-storms

Yesterday's killer sunrise.

A brief mid-July farm update - brief because it's 5 pm and I'm minutes away from falling asleep on my laptop. The last month has been a complete blur of farmer's marketing and trying to keep up with the farm, which is growing so fast

I am wholly failing at managing that part right now. Luckily for me, my inability to keep up doesn't matter to the oysters. They keep on keeping on, growing like crazy, regardless of wether or not I'm getting them spread out into more gear on schedule or not. I've been catching a lot of early mornings for my farm/harvest days lately, and they've been particularly beautiful the past couple weeks. My phone is chock-a-block full of pictures of the sky, of which I'm forever in awe.

The babies aren't so baby anymore... four weeks of growth, left to right.

The other thing I'm currently in awe of (this awe happens yearly, FYI, get used to it), is the BABIES. Remember the babies I introduced to the farm in my last post? They averaged 3mm in size when I got them, just shy of a month ago. Today I relocated them from their nursery boxes to the smallest mesh size floating bag I've got, which has 4mm wide holes, and HOLY COW THEY ARE SO BIG ALREADY. After four weeks, they have increased in size by about 6 times what they measured when I got them! What's extra cool about this is that this new method of oyster nursery is working well for me and my farm, and I now know that my seed boxes are just as effective a method for promoting fast first-year growth (and possible more effective) as the upweller is. And this method is way, way, WAY easier, cheaper, and less time-consuming for me. So that's this week's victory. I'm getting a little mid-summer fatigue going, but everything has been going so well on both the farming and the marketing sides of business right now, I feel like I'm hardly even noticing. And now... time for bed. I don't even care if it's not dark out yet. Try and stop me.

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