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time: 0900

air temp: 75 F

water temp: 65 F

tide: rising

conditions: perfect summer day

number of bags: 66

notes: I can tell I got a lot done on the farm today by how much my back hurts right now. While comparing oyster growth with a friend between her farm and mine this past weekend, I discovered that my young oysters (last year's seed) have seemingly gone through a mega growth spurt in the last two weeks. Like, nearly doubled in volume. Its crazy how fast they go when the water finally hits that sweet spot in warmth. Fortunately I had been gearing up (lol oyster jokes) for this day for the past week, and had a snazzy new pile of bags all set to go out to the farm.

oyster bags for growing fresh local maine oysters
Still life: Oyster bags on back deck. Not pictured: the gallons of coffee and lengthy reel of podcasts I consumed while building these. Gear days are sometimes endless feeling, but also are sort of relaxing in their own methodical kind of way.

Because oyster growth season coincides with shedder lobster fishing madness season (side hustle), I've been devoted to front-loading my gear and farm set-up work to these past couple months, and on days like today it's paying off. The moorings are already set to accommodate the new gear, which made spreading the oysters out a relatively easy proposition for me to grab on a non-fishing day like today.

I forgot to photograph wild crazy oyster growth for reference today. I was in such a productive groove. Next time.

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