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time: 7:08 am

air temp: 68 F

water temp: 66 F

tide: loooow -1.6'

conditions: sunny and calm

number of bags: too many to count (140?)

notes: It is September and fall has already inserted it's crisp twinge to the mornings and evenings. The water temperature should stay on the warmer side of things for this month, though, meaning more growth for my now seemingly huge amount of oysters.

sunrise oyster farm fresh maine oysters
It was an epically beautiful, still fall-ish feeling morning on the Harraseeket River.

I got through spreading out about 75% of my 2018 crop before I ran out of gear with which to contain them. I seriously underestimated the amount of bags I would need this year, but its all good! The oysters are happy and growing like crazy and looking so good. What more could a lady oyster farmer want? Aside from sleep. I need sleep. I haven't slept a full night or taken a full day off in what feels like months, now, there's just been too much to do, between lobstering and managing the farm and business.

This week I got the rest of the 80,000 2019 seed out to the farm. They are ALSO growing insanely fast and taking up space at an increasingly rapid pace. The huge growth on the farm as of late has me already starting to think about winter and how I will manage getting all these tens of thousands of little oysters safely tucked away from the ice and storms.

baby oysters small oysters
2019 babes, some already bigger than the size of a quarter.

Fortunately I've got some time to think and ponder about overwintering plans. In the meantime, on the business end of this business (i.e. not the mucking around a low tide playing with oysters side), things have been going so wonderfully well, and I am feeling immensely grateful for that. From the early success of the farm-share program to the fun shucking events that have come my way, to the awesome press coverage (check it out!), and some exciting conversations with folks for future partnerships in the works, I can hardly believe the positive momentum I've built up for Emily's Oysters this year. So excited, and so so grateful to everyone who's supported me thus far and purchased oysters. This really has been the most crazy awesome summer of my life.

emilys oysters
Oyster love in Freeport on my sweet little farm.

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